A few animation questions (RVK)

1 - What is the best method to create IPO’s for the empty RVK’s?

2 - I have some actions ready to use. How do i use them?
Let’s say i have a blinking eye and a mouth opening. Now i want to say Blink 3 times and in the last time the mouth opens to. How do i use them?

p.s - I’m learning from the Book and could not get this explained.

3 - I have the armature ready. How can i create actions (like RVK) and use them 2 or 3 times if i want?

4 - How do i join RVK and IK actions in the same animation?

p.s - I know that the questions are much easier to write than the answers.

If you have something like tutorials, links, blend files, cold head and time to write. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!

1 - You have to use the RVK to get an IPO. (Or you can select the RVK in the IPO window and click to build the curve manually…)

2,3 - Shameless RVK plug and Shameless Action Constraints plug.
These are simple tutorials for creating and applying RVKs and Action Constraints.

To use an RVK, select the mesh (with the attached RVKs) and use the Action Editor window to keyframe them.
To use an Action Constraint, select the armature, enter Pose Mode, and keyframe them in the Action Editor.

In the IPO Curve Editor, find your armature’s curves by selecting “Action” from the drop-down box in the menubar (the armature object must be selected also). To find the RVK curves select “Vertex” from the drop-down box (while your mesh object is selected).

4 - If you’ve done everything else, you’ll realize that RVK and IK are distinct things, and there’s nothing preventing you from using them at the same time.

Before you do any of the above though, I recommend you take the time to at least look through the 30 + 30 minute gingerbread man tutorial in the Blender User Guide.

Hope this helps.

I didn’t know a thing about RVKs until I used the 2.40 Alpha


and read


The new Shape feature makes RVKs a snap. It would also be worth having a look at


Messiah (the app they animated Jimmy Neutron with - rendered in Lightwave) has just come out with a similar feature as the on-screen facial controls in this file.


Very nice tutorials!!

I’m going to digest everything now!

Thank you very much!! :smiley: