A few basic questions

Good day guys! You see I’m just a 2 days old Blender modeler. I would like to ask a few basic questions. So here it goes.

  1. How do I pick a single object 1 at a time because each time I select the object I prefer, I click the keyA so that all of the vertices will be highlighted including another objects. The problem I have now is I’m trouble unselecting the vertices I don’t like in another object. How can I choose the object one at a time?

  2. What are numpads? Where can I find them? %|

  3. How can I increase the size of the border so that my 3d model will fit in it?

  4. How can I undo my last movement?

  5. How do I use layering?

Thank in advance :smiley:

picking out abject 1 at a time, you say that when you press “ctrl a” you select all the verticles in all models?
thats because all your meshs are one big model, when adding meshs, always “tab” out ino object mode and then add more meshs

if this don’t help, pressing “b” will allow you to draw a box around a object and select all the veticles with in that box

a numpad is the section of buttons on the far right of a desktop keyboard,

border? not to sure, go to the border as if it were a windows, hold the edge and pull it, see what happens

undo only works in mesh mode, press “u” in mesh mode to undo your last move


blender allows you to have 20 layers, you can go to a oblect, goto the green blocks, and click on one of those blocks, then that object will only be on that layer/block, the whole idea it so that complex scenes can be spilt up and then it’s easer to loacte and model objects,

and when your ready to render, you hold shift and click all the blocks you have object on , and then you can render everything

there is good documentation on layers,(better then me explaing anyways


hope you enjoy blender,



yes that really helped me a lot! but I have another question. Why is it that when I switch to 3d view I can’t seem to rotate the views using 2,4,6,8 keys?

Hi, just make sure that the Numlock key is on, and make sure that the mouse cursor is also in the 3d window.

Hope this helps, good luck with Blender :stuck_out_tongue: