a few game engine questions

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im quite new to making games in blender, but already have python knowledge so ive been making everthing in python. i keep seeing ppl talking about logic blocks and how there not very good. what are logic blocks and are there any occasions when they should be used?
is it possible to change the collision shape of an object from a sphere, as this is not v good for characters.
when i press Z to get the quick shaded mode and press P it goes into crappy mono colour, is this normal, as i want to be able to test a renderd version not just wireframe.

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Logic bricks are the method that Blender uses to give commands to interactive objects in the real-time engine. You can use them when you have an object (mesh) selected and you click on the “pacman” icon or press “F8” on your keyboard. You can add a Sensor, Controller, or Actuator to any object that you select. When you add a Sensor, Controller, or Actuator, you must link them together so that they communicate.

Logic bricks should only be used during the prototyping stage of your game. When prototyping is done, you should convert the logic brick commands into python script commands. This conversion will increase game speed and make the command code more managable. Too many linked logic bricks can become very problematic. They slow down the game and, if you are like me, make finding connections for debugging a
time consuming task.

I am not sure if you can change the collision shape. For that, you may need toi speak to the resident Python Gurus ( i.e. Saluk, Cartman, etc.)
Find them an they can help you. They are sweet folk :smiley:

You get the monocolor because you have not assigned either a UV texture to your object or you have not assigned a vertex color. You must assign colors or textures before they can be seen in the real-time engine.
Study Reevan McKay’s work for UV texturing techniques. If you need some examples, I have plenty to give.


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cartman should be Carsten.

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For textured mode, make sure you press ALT-Z, not just Z. Game models can be either vertex painted or uv textured, check around other sections for more info on these.

It is possible to create slightly better collision systems than spheres using python, I remember a demo a while ago that made a tank turn if the front of it was hitting something, this had the effect of making the collision seem rectangular instead of spherical.

And you still need quite a few logic bricks even if you use python.

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About that tank demo, You can find it here:

It was my early attempt at faking rectangular collisions. I’m currently working on a MUCH better method, but take a look anyway and see if it gives you any ideas.