A few Game Models

I made a quick little zip file of some models that i dont need anymore so im just gonna post them here:o:o…you cna use it for anything …it was made for games and stuff but i need to get rid of it :P:rolleyes::rolleyes:


Screenshots would be nice, and a brief description of what exactly the models are. Otherwise u wont be getting much interest

i dl’ed the zip and the filenames are
fort.blend (dunno render takes forever, maybe cuz im watching dvbt atm €: nah cant be it)

only looked at the torch, sowrd and pillar but didnt care to make screenshots as they had neither material nor textures… id say these are rather meshes than models?

oops i must have forgotten to pack the textures:o
oh yah the fort is pretty high poly i guess ;):o
a few renders here


Heres it is with packed textures

SO are they better wit h the textures