A few issues

Hey blenderartist members, my name is maxpower439 and i am making an fps game, i have a few issues that need resolving and here they are

  1. I need to know how to add sprinting into my game, so far i have the shift button increasing speed but i need to know how to make the shift button toggle sprinting, as f now when i hold my sprint button it plays my sprint animation over and over an i need it to toggle it instead of looping a cutty animation

  2. I made my terrain using a sub divided plane and scultp mode but when i run uphill i glitched out of the map, so i was wondering how to fix my collisions with the terrain

  3. Reloading, when i reload and shoot at the same time it cancels the reload but still fulls up my ammo

  4. Zooming, when i zoom in dthen shoot it moves my gun to the shooting/recoil positionand brings the gun out of zoom