A few kinda Off Topic questions about FirstPersonShooters!

Hiya all, soz for the kinda off topic stuff but…
I`ve just got halo (on the xbox and been playin it to death lately!)

If anyone has a few fps`s worth mentioning could you let me know what they are and if you can be bothered, the main thing that makes it appeal to you…? (on pc or any console.)

so, with my limited experience :wink: i could only say.

1.) Halo, xbox, cos the sniper rifle is awesome and the ai in story mode i thought was very good.

2.) Timesplitters, ps2, co`s its the only other fps i own. :frowning: but still, i thought the variety of veapons was excellent.

haven`t really played any fps on the pc! :frowning:

Thank alot in advance. :slight_smile:


More unreal Next unreal


That was the First Person Shooter that pretty much set the standard. It was recently voted best computer game of all time. Quake followed DOOM and now others are out there. DOOM was so amazing because of the graphics, speed, and interactivity that it provided for the platforms at the time (pre-Pentium)

I still like to fire up Doom II and play every once in a while.


if you wanna get doom 2 i found it on kazaa and downloaded it…it really is THE best fps ever made!

Goldeneye for N64 really set the standard for console shooters. Goldeneye was later followed by Perfect Dark, a great masterpiece, and major inspiration source for the makers of Halo. I too have had a few goes at Halo, and found it breathtakingly brilliant! I’m not really a Doom-guy, actually(loooooong hallways, boring enemies, blocky visuals)…