A few lighting questions 2.49b...

  1. Is it possible to cause the “Vcol Light” to turn vertex color into extra light, but not just a glow/luminance…but to actually illuminate like a lamp?

  2. I have a basic spherical model that is transparent, but the object placed in side is shadowed, no matter where I place a lamp, the object inside is cast in the shadow of the transparent object around it. How do I illuminate the object inside?

EDIT: Just as posted this I had an epiphany…#2 is solved.

  1. Is it possible to join a lamp(s) to the model? Like lights on a vehicle/ship/plane?

Hi, 3) you could parent the lamp to your model. strg +p

Cheers, mib

Thanks for the reply…now if someone can just answer #1, i’d be golden.