A few little ships...

(Kalen) #1

Well, they’re not quite up to the standard of the Babylon 5 ships I’ve seen on a few of the sites, but they’re my wonderful little creations nonetheless. So here they are:


This shows a little progress chart too, since the one on the top is my very first attempt, and the one at the bottom is my latest (but not necessarily my best) attempt. Feel free to offer suggestions, but don’t be too hard on me. I have, after all, only been using it for a week :slight_smile:

(acasto) #2

wow…no matter how the models look (good by the way), you’ve been busy. That’s quite a bit of ships :o You gonna do any closeups? Or maybe the fleet in space!

keep it up

(Kalen) #3

Err, actually those are the closeups :stuck_out_tongue: I could do some zoomed views (with full screen render), but I don’t really know how to setup any kind of fleet looks. Well, not without cut and pasting rendered ships into Paint Shop Pro and doing some editing, but that never quite looks as good.

Hmm, now that I think of it, maybe there are some tutorials out there on rendering scenes…

(acasto) #4

Are they in seperate files, if so you could just open as a library into a single scene

(Kalen) #5

Not to turn this into a help forum, but I have no idea how to load an entire ship from one file to the next. Any time I try to load something, it only lets me select pieces of a mesh, and not the entire thing. :frowning:

(belac) #6

nice… would be awesome for a blender game… if they were made low polygon of course. good use of textures


“i dream in mesh”

(DreamMaster) #7

You can select many meshes at one time by pushing your left mouse while holding SHIFT KEY. It should highlight every clicks you made. Hope that answered your problem?

(acasto) #8

You can also use the B key to drag a box around meshes to highlight a group at a time

(malefico) #9

Looking good. I like the C shaped one and the last one (kinda of a satellite or something, I’m not Babylon expert)
About your problem, I think what you want to do is either a- to APPEND a ship to other file or b- LINK a ship from one scene to another.
Case a- Use Blender 2.22 (2.23 has a bug on this) and use SHIFT+F1 to open the file with the ship you want to import. Surf the OBJECT directory and choose the ship object (you better give it a name before).

Case b- Select your ship and CTRL+L. Then choose the scene.

Hope it helps

Keep it up with your work.


(Kalen) #10

Sigh, everyone always goes for the ones that I made in two hours, but no one ever likes the ones that took me two days :stuck_out_tongue: And for the record, they aren’t based on Babylon 5 at all, I just used some of the Babylon 5 / Blender websites as examples for some ship designs and tutorials and things.

As for the rest, if I can figure it out, I’ll see if I can come up with some scenes later.

Oh, and the last one is a Communications Vessel. It’s the only ship that gets satellite TV from outside the solar system, so of course you’d like it :smiley: