a few more questions...

hi all,

the house design project I talked about in an earlier post is moving forward: I’m pretty happy with modelling in Blender… So I’ve done a little shed model and rendered in Yafray using Yablex export script and Bagisas.

(if you’re interested see here but its just a boring little grey test model!)

I want to make sure I’ll be able to render well when I finish my full house model: it looks like the problem is going to be material assignment - although I can assign my materials to faces in Blender, Yablex doesn’t output materials at a face level, just a mesh level (please correct me if I’ve missed something!).

Any suggestions on ways around this? If I have to separate each face out manually it’s going to be real pain later!


I won’t model a house as a single piece.

Personally I never assigned more than one material to an object, and each object in my modes is homogeneous.


I haven’t used Yable, but it seems if you need separate faces in Blender just design a good naming convention, then parent faces instead of joining them. Large collections could be parented to ‘Empties’ as one way to simplify the organization.
Hope this solves your problem,