A few peformance questions~

Just a few assorted questions I have that I’m hoping can get answered without starting multiple threads;

1. When it comes to editing (not rendering) models and armatures, i.e moving vertices around, posing bones, generating particles, etc. - would it be the CPU or the GPU that plays a bigger role?
I have a fairly strong GPU (RTX 2070 Super), and a decent but pretty old CPU (i7 4770k), and I find some of my projects really getting bogged down while posing armatures and such - so I’m wondering if a CPU upgrade will help much.

2. Kind of related to first question - I have some projects in which switching to pose mode on an armature will also activate pose mode for other visible armatures, rather than just the one selected. Is there an option somewhere to disable/enable this behaviour?
I know this isn’t entirely tech-related, but as I said, I’m hoping I can just get it answered here with the other questions rather than make a whole thred for it~

3. Some of my scenes/animations really get slowed down by the ‘Initializing/Building Scene’ phase of the render (like 3-4 minute initialization/build for a sub-1 minute render). Are there any ways to mitigate this phase at all?

I really appreciate any and all answers, thank you~

I believe it’s mostly CPU bound. I wouldn’t make any hardware decisions until after 3.0 comes out because edit mode has been pretty notorious for having poor performance and it’s made some big strides in 3.0.

You didn’t mention what renderer but I’m assuming Cycles. I believe you can check “Persistent Data” under Performance → Final Render to speed it up at the cost of more memory usage. It doesn’t hold over Blender restarts though, you’ll always take the hit once.


Ohh! It was going to take a while to get the money together anyway, but I’ll wait to see how 3.0 is either way.
And thanks - yes it’s Cycles, and the persistent data feature cut the overall time down by about 20-25%. Still taking a quite a while, but that’s at least a good chunk cut out of it~ :grinning:

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If you’re loading in a lot of texture data, moving to an SSD helps to cut down this time.

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On one already - but thanks, valid suggestion nonetheless~
I could probably do with optimizing my textures a bit more though.