A few problems with amature and BGE


Im having a bit of trouble on this whole amature/BGE thing.

Well, i have the amatures and they are in vertex groups, so all i would need to do is to first select the mesh then the armature and parent them. well thats not the case here…i tried selecting the mesh and all the armatures that didnt work, and i tried selecting each and individually parenting them, BUT then i find out that iv parented 1 arm and is working, so im like ok thats cool, it worked, then i go to the next arm and parent. ok thats working but then i check the arm i previously parented, come to find out that it’s not working no longer.

So thats one problem i WISH to get solved, iv been looking everywhere, i can’t seem to find an answer.

But another thing that is bothering me is that iv tried animating that 1 arm, so i do the nornal method which is at frame1 then i press “i” then Loc (Location) the go up a few frames, move the arm then press “I” again and then Loc. but that doesnt seem to work with animating with armatures.Iv tried LocRot (Locationa/Rotaction) That worked, well i thought i detected some movement but it was not reliable nor functionaing properly. It’s obvious that the regular method of animation isnt the key here, there is something that im missing. As you can see that im kinda lost on those things.

And if i made all those things work then how would i make it work in the BGE?

Any good video tutorial would work for me, or you could just tell me either way as long as i learn.

Please consider helping out a fellow…rather lost Blender user.:confused:

Thank you for reading.

Here is a basic character that i tested on.


GUy.blend (318 KB)

It is my belief that a mesh can only be attached to one skeleton. Multiple meshes may be attached to the same skeleton. A skeleton typically has more than one bone, it generally consists of an entire skeleton.

To make an animation work in the game engine, create an animation on your bones (go to pose mode and use your loc and rot keyframes as necessary), edit the animation in the ‘action editor’ sub-window, and name the action to something meaningful. (walk, run, crouch, etc.)

On the armature, run a logic brick actuator of type ‘action’
set the action to the name of the action you created, and set the play style you want. (play plays it once, flipper should play it from start to end and back to start until the condition is false, loop stop loops start to end, start to end until it stops, loop end does the same thing but finishes the current play through of the action)

Thanks for your reply but it seems your sentences are not to clear, could you provide a picture of some sort in the logic section? and in view port? to go along with the sentence?

You said that a mesh can only be attacthed to one skeleton, which of course has more then one bone but im saying the mesh (Like you said) can only attach one bone…so how would i work around this and attach both arms and legs?

And the only logic bricks i have done is creating a stream of bullets so i don’t know which other logic bricks there is. Oh did i mention im new? Your last sentence didnt make much sense to me because there was nothing to back your senetence up like a picture or something so it was not really clear to me. Im not trying to be a pest it’s just i have no clue what your tlaking about. And i was in pose mode the whole time while trying to create the (Loc) frames did not work.

Like i said thank you for responding.

You got so many prob here. Your char dont have enough vert to make vert group for spine. The head got 120+ double vertice. Like almost said, one mesh one skeleton. Plus it is easier to pose with 1 skeleton.


Hope i am helping a little bit

You could check out the tutorials in the Noob to Pro advanced animation section here. It might be a little out of date, but the principles are still sound. It’s where I started and explains pretty well.

To make animations work in the game engine, you need to use the action actuator on the skeleton to play the actions when appropriate. Search for “Blender Action Actuator” on google or something and you should find a load of information and hints.

Hope this helps.

Go so i made a new one, this time i made a whole skeleton and parented it to it. everything is working, but hard to control. like if i just want to bend the arm with out moving everything else would be great. And i still can not animate.

Check it out.


Guy2.blend (223 KB)

disable auto IK
disable ‘move object centres only’ (next to the object mode/edit mode button)
rotate bones, do not move them.

Ok i did that and i can move (Thank you!) very useful information. But, i still can not use “I” (Loc) for animation. I seen this 1 video DVD about Man Candy, i was hopeing that they would get deeper on how they got man candy to work, they didnt explain how they go the 'FK" and “IK” or anything on how they animated Man Candy. I just want to animate bones. I know how bones work from the introduction of bones and from experience from 3ds max but this is alot harder to manuvour.

I just want to animate my character and making it functional in the BGE step by step instructions but i can’t seem to find any. Im currently reading the “Noob to pro” in animation steps to see if there is anything i need to know. But just in case please, feel free to give me any additional tips or tricks on this setup.

Thank you.

EDIT: Ah ha! i figured it out, all i did was made a action constraint on the bone and typed in the name of the mesh. Well thank you so much for everyones help and i will come back to this thread if i have any other additional comments or concerns.

Once again, i thank you all.