a few problems with uv baking

So i’m trying to bake my uv with ao but some problems arise.

I made a robot hat with bolts on it. to save polys, i just put the bolts inside the hat without any joining vertices.

like this:

http://puu.sh/1HCrD http://puu.sh/1HCsd

but when i bake it the shadows look like this:


as you can see, the shadows look jagged and inconsistent.

also, some of the shadows dont match the bolt placements, and some areas of the shadows move when switching between object and edit mode.

http://puu.sh/1HCw9 http://puu.sh/1HCwM

i’m not so sure what i’m doing wrong. is there a way to have all shadows be consistent when parts of the model arent joined by vertices?

You want specific answers ? If so, where is your blend file ?

here. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzAddcjwZiphdllVUTdmUC1YNDA

also, the bolts aren’t the only things that are placed inside parts of other models

ok so i asked this question on reddit and someone helped me!

heres his answer if anyone else has a problem similar to mine