A few projects - overal opinion needed.


Here are some works of my girlfriend. I introduced her to blender a few years ago and she really got into it. Unfortunatelly I am more a programmer than a 3d artists (or any other kind of artists) and she reached a pointed where I can’t give her any more feedback (not even sure if the one I gave was any good :wink: ).

Generally I will be grateful if You can say what You think about and perhaps give some advice on what she should focus more, what are strong and weak points of works below, etc.










Your girlfirend is really talented! great work! My favorites are (from above) the seconth the fourth and the seventh one.

the first one: for the fact it’s called feel the coloures it seems a little to grey for me…

for the third: the iconzed snow flakes in the left and right are distrackting me a little bit

for the fifth: depending on what you want to achive the work is good but the motif seems random or not clear(that makes it a little boring)

for the sixth: modelling is great and the snow looks very good but the mice are standing in the dark…(and again this snowflakes:))

for the last: vignette too strong,and maybe work a little on the look of the glass…

Like I sayd before I like the pictures… only those little things bothered me!!
Keep up the great work!

Ya, it’s a nice collection of images.

Over all impression of her work is that she is comfortable with image with shallow depth. Which is ok. Artist must relate to the surface to which they create an image on to. You posted one room scene. Space is somewhat awkwardly constructed. Eye travels from green couch, to dinning room table, and to the doors. You get visually trapped in that plane. It’s her shallow depth work rotated 45 degrees in to the scene!

Work with depth little more.

Marry her!! :smiley:

Your girlfriend has definite skill and talent, and I genuinely commend her for her creativity and talent. (P.S. … and i hate her guts …) :wink:

(Have no fear… I, too, am “more a programmer,” and my wife continues to amaze me with her “instinctive” ability to utterly and completely blow me away.)

Thank You all for Your comments. We will try to work with Your tips and improve. I hope I will be able to post some really good works in the future :slight_smile:

These are incredible! I’d just like to quickly point out a typo on the Bacardi image. At the bottom “recipe” is spelled wrong. But again, everything is amazing. x)