A few props

Here are a few props I have been working on for a animated documentary I am working on,
it is a spin off of the History Channel s “Life After Man”, only mine will cover the new world orders real agenda behind the original series.

Any way here are a few of the test renders to see what the look and feel of the project might be.

The statue is to the “New World Order”

And I have over a dozen unique buildings to make up a city scene, just not sure how to pull it all together yet.

C&C please


Hey, i think the moddeling is very nice, the texture of the guy is nice too. But i think that the textures of the cars look kinda wired. The rust bump is so large that they look like matchbox cars. There is also no oldpaint visible ;). I would remove the rubber part of the tires too, i think it would fall off and decay after some years ^^.
Maybe the props will be that small in the final scene that the textures will be hardly visible. Then it might be ok.

I think it will turn out fine, i like the skyscraper, too ;).

I’m not saying your modelling is bad, because it really isn’t, but what sticks out is your texturing, which, atleast according to me is excellent. As far as crits go, all I can see right now is the texturing on the tires of the truck which is stretched. But very good feel to it all.

I’ll agree with the texture comments…Including the “it probably won’t matter if the props are small”.
One thought; depending on how long the cars have been sitting, certain parts may collapse under their own weight, once enough rusting has occurred. Could add a little realism?

I also agree with the idea of taking out the tires and leaving bare rims. It wouldn’t be too horribly long before the rubber cracks, and crumbles away.

Thanks for the comments folks,
yes I do plan on doing more detail to the tires and the bodies of the vehicles, as well as doing damage to the buildings, but I will do that when I have everything laid out so I know where the camera will be aiming,

thanks again

Hey Salvatore - those images appear awesome. Are you using materials or textures ? I like teh buidling with the shrubs coming out of it and saw a bit of the documentary on the History Channel too, That bit on the the aftermath of chernobyl was quite facinating.