A few questions about makeing terrains and a few other things

Me and some freinds are planing out a 3D Game and since i know only some of what i need to make one i have some questions about makeing one with blender. Yes i know makeing a game takes time, but im not the kind of guy who likes to give up :smiley: so with that outa the way heres my questions.
-First of all I have heard blender isnt very good at makeing a terrain for a 3d game, how ever from what i have seen by looking around it looks like they look great should i stick with blender for terrains or stick to useing it for modles.
-Second How do you make water(seas, ponds, ect…) in blender?
-Third lastly how do you add things like movement to a modle such as a vehical or a person (driveing,walking,flying,swiming ect…)?
-And lastly how do you make barriers so like a vehical cant go over the side of map?
-(thoght of another question) how would you get the size right of the terrian and object,vehicals rocks,trees, ect… in example you add a house to a map and its around oh… lets say 3/4th the size of the map. would you fix that during the scripting of the actual game or do you resize them when you put them into Blender?

Here’s a link to some tutorials that you hopefully will find usefull: Here.

With regards to terrain I’ve seen people create some great looking terrain using Blender’s sculpting tools, so you may want to give them a try.

To create barriers you could use a plane to and model your bounderies and just set it to be a collision object.

You would be better off scaling everything in proportion to each other in Blender when your importing your assests, assuming your using Blender for your game.

I hope that helps you out a bit and hopefully some of our other members can fill in the rest.

  1. I’ve found that blender’s texture painting and sculpting allow you to create great terrains, for example, hills and dirt paths are very easy.
    The only problem I see is compatibility issues with whatever system/language you are using to make the game.
  2. Animations (driving, walking etc.) can be done by rigging, google “blender armatures tutorial”.
  3. Following on from CGWilkinson, invisible planes will work but you could also try using steep hills or walls and restricting players from being able to ascend above a certain angle.

The last question (and most of your questions) depend on how you are going to make the game. Have you decided on what? XNA, DirectX, Unity?
To keep proportions, there are options in blender to see the length of lines. If you decide one blender unit = 1 foot and stick to it, you should be able to judge proportions easily.
Otherwise you can simply use a transformation matrix to scale the objects to fit.

Good luck, and I warn you, it may be a long time before you see anything resembling a game.

Thanks alot for the info it helps alot :smiley: . Also as to the system to make the game with we havn’t decided yet but, in your opinion what would be best for what were trying to make? Heres a rough draff the game we are makeing is going to be a 3D MMO based on war and will be mostly set for vehicals for combat with optional 3rd person/1st person view and will be based on leveling quests and pvp.

Depending on your budget you could look into either into Big World Indie or Hero Engine Indie. Although Hero is a larger investment, by quite a bit of money though I don’t remember by how much, it does seem to be quite a powerful engine.

Well we decided to use unity but i raninto a problem wile practiceing. first of all i made a basic tank for practice at modleing, animations,ect… but i ran into a problem how do you make the maingun turrent to pivot(turn right and left). also when we add tanks into the game i would like the main turrent to turn and the gun to move up and down where the player aims with the mouse how would you set this up? (will be a long time away but might as well learn now)