a few questions about rendering - *probably solved*

Merry Christmas!

These are a few basic questions about rendering. They currently present a real mystery to me.

-How do I actually save an image/animation to disc? I do get preview films and images within blender but they are saved to some hidden tmp directory.
The fact that I once actually saved a .mov to disc but forgot all about how I effected this makes this more frustrating still.
Though that was on a different OSX.

-Changing the Codec settings doesn’t actually do anything - I keep failing to set it to black/white for instance.

I’m sure it’s just a question of a few magic buttons I keep not seeing.

OSX 10.4.8


Marco :slight_smile:

After a render, if you press F3, you get the opportunity to save the image to a location of your choice. See:

Thanks! Seems to work for images butnot for quick time movies, even though I have my codec settings set to “Animation”.



The first path in that panel is where the resulting animation is saved (either to individual files or to a container, if you have AVI/FFMPEG/Quicktime selected).

If that path is only a folder, the name of the file will be <start>_<end>.<extension>, if that path is a file, it will be the name of the output file.

Output files are silently overwritten, so if you restart an animation rendering, you loose what was already there unless you back it up.


the easiest solution to your question, is…
after rendering, close the render window, and click on FILE -> SAVE IMAGE! walla! (hotkey is F3) then you can select a file path for it (ex: desktop) and save it in .jpg format. =D. Once you have the image saved to your desktop or a folder where you want, then you need to burn it to cd using… well, wutever program u use for burning CDs. easy as pie.

I’m very confused right now. No matter how I try, ‘Savie Image’ seems to do just that, but no animation.

What’s even more confusing, I opened my blender folder just now and saw a neat Quicktime movie of one of my nocturnal trial and error sessions - could have sworn it wasn’t there last night.

How the heck did I do that?

I’m inching closer to the solution and still I don’t get it.

Marco :slight_smile:

I think I’m finally solvig the puzzle - it’s mostly a path thing I suppose. :slight_smile: