A few questions about the BGE.

I’ve been following the BGE for quite a while, and just recently began designing my own game. This week I’ve started learning python usage in the game engine with notepad++ and modeling game assets and so on.

The Blender game engine seems to be quite capable and the perfect prototyping tool. It does have it’s downsides of course, like the outdated rasterizer (so I’ve heard) the lack of alpha and soft shadows and the lack of a good particle system. All of these are problems that are easily solvable with a bit of effort, but could and definetely should be made easier. So, here are my two questions:

1: Are better shadows coming to blender? Directional shadows for example? If so, when?

2: What is the situation of particle systems? Will they be integrated into trunk? Or will I have to use SolarLune’s X-emitter (which seems to be an excellent resource, by the way)?

Thanks in advance for the answers :slight_smile:


  1. On graphical.org you can find a Blender build with realtime soft shadow & alpha shadow. http://graphicall.org/79
    But at the moment there are not plans to implement it in the official Blender.

  2. At the moment there is no particle systems for the Blender game engine planned. You can use halo objects with physic to simulate particles, as SolarLune’s X-emitter it does.