A Few Questions From A New Game Maker...

I am starting to use blender and play around with it. I’m making a MMO game which after these questions get fully answered, I will make another thread on it in a professional way.

Is GameBlender the same as Blender? Or is there another thing I need to buy or download?

When I work on my game, I have a team. Does Blender allow our teams to work together on one project? (My team is spread across America over the Internet)

Are their any quick or long tutorials for GameBlender?

Any other information would be quite helpful to me and my team. Blender looks complicated, but is strong for use of animation!

Thank You,

Hello and welcome
yes, the Game Engine is “inside” Blender…just press the “magic” P key, and you’re in “game mode”! Incredible isn’t it?!

Even more incredible…with “Verse” your team can work “AT THE SAME TIME” in the same scene ( I never tried it )

There’s lot of tutorials for the Game engine, here’s some:

GameBlender is a largely outdated term which was used back in the days when the game engine was new. I haven’t heard it in years, actually, so I’m surprised you saw it somewhere! Nowadays regular Blender has all the GE functionality, and it has for quite some time.

There are many ways for teams to work together, and probably your best bet is just to experiment with different methods and see which one you like best.

My favorite tutorial site: blendenzo.com - Tutorials
And my own tutorials : Airborne Cactus

Look up the recent apricot project (apricot.blender.org) to see how they worked together (especially look at linked libraries, etc).

Verse is interesting, but it can be kinda confusing. I’ve played with it a bit. However, you’ll need to either compile or get a hold of a build with verse in it as the official releases don’t. And, when working with the BGE (Blender Game Engine) you’ll want the latest svn. So check out http://www.graphicall.org

Also, I’d look into setting up an SVN for your team. This will help everyone keep the files under control.

And on a final note. Prepare to be blasted and flamed for wanting to make an MMO. I personally don’t care, but most users here are quite annoyed at all the new people that come here wanting to make an MMO. It isn’t an easy project.

Best of luck to you,

NO PLeasE Why would you!=?.. ok I’ll constrain myself, you cannot start with an mmo! It’s completely insane! It’s like wanting to build the pyramids without knowing anythng about stonework!
If you’re lucky you might be able to make an rpg, and that’s if your team is really good. Otherwise… Your screwed!

PS: Sorry for being so pessimistic, it’s just this happens way to often, and it sucks when people get frustrated and leave the industry XD

Agreed… Dunno really what these nubs are thinking…

Hi,. treehouse… do u got any stuff to show up with, maybe from other engines or/and gamekits? What skills do u got?

Are you the only new game make in your team? Because it will be hard to make an MMO as your first project, by the time you finish it you would have learnt so much more and you will look back to the start and just want to re-do it all.

If you want specific tutorials on something search for it in the [B]Game Engine Resources[/B] forum, there are quite a few tutorials in there.

The common dream of people new to making their own games, dunno why so many people without game making knowledge want to make an MMO.