A few questions from a newb

Lately I’ve been playing around in Blender trying to make a school project. I’ve been trying to make a 3D trojan horse for Mythology in lit class. I’ve got a few questions about the 3D game engine.

1.) The textures don’t seem to “wrap” correctly around the model. The top side of the model of the horses body is fine, but the sides have the texture spread out over them as though Blender thought that the model was a plane. Currently I have the texture set to orco and tube. How do I make the texture look uniform all the way around?

2.) I want to add the abillity to kind of view the model in a 3D world. I already have a sky/ground-box made but how do I rotate and move the camera using mouse clicks/motions?

3.) Finally, I have the horses body parts seperated into different .blend files. I realize now that I should have just used different layers, but for now, what is the best way to import the other objects into one large file?

#3 Use the append feature…File->Append

  1. Use the “File>>Append” option from the main menu. It might take you a few minutes to figure out how to append something. Basically, select your file from the menu, then select “Objects” and select the pieces of the horse by right-clicking (Shift+right click to multiple select). Once you’ve selected all the objects you want, click “Append Library” and they should be imported.

Thanks MagicMan… you beat me to it…

for #2 are u just asking “how do i make the camera move when the game has started?” :confused:

Pretty much, yeah. That and then how to rotate it as well.

Hmm… If no one feels like explaining to the newb then would you at least be kind enough to place some python scripts, or whatever I need. Someone has to have already written a program to view models in the blender game engine… (Sounds stupid I know, but I doubt that my teacher wants however many hundreds of MB’s Blender is on his computer; not to mention that I would really like to work in my skybox which I have already made…).

look over this tutorial to get idea how game engine works in blender.


moving and rotating camera should be very similar to moving the ball through maze.

You basically need to use keyboard sensors and motion actuators to move the camera around. You should find instructions on how to do that in the tutorial niftdalen posted a link to. May I suggest to you that you place an “Empty” (its in the Add menu near lights and camera) somewhere near the center of the horse, then make it the parent of the camera, though. When you want the camera to rotate, rotate the empty instead. That way, the camera will rotate around the horse.

Using the tutorials and the suggestion from blendenzo you should be able to get it down without problem.

Please, no need to get snippy with us just because nobody replied to your post in 45 mins. Many people are busy doing their own work, school, or just off doing something else, many of the people using this board do so on a casual basis and don’t have time to explain something that is already out there if you just look. There’s not a problem with asking, just getting an attitude about it.

As for a solution. In object mode insert an empty somewhere in the middle of your model you want to be viewed. space -> add -> empty.

Put the camera the required distance, right click it, followed by a shift + right click on the empty. ctrl-P will parent them together.

on the empty, add a keyboard sensor for left and right button each with their own AND controller, and add a motion actuator.

I have the feeling I’m missing something, but I don’t have blender in front of me at the moment. Hope it helps. I’m almost late for class so I’ve gotta go.

BTW, the blender install is incredibly tiny for its power, not HUNDREDS of meg. I think a fresh install is like 20 meg.

Sorry about “getting snippy”. I was just on one of those rolls and got too hyped up about creating my project. I didn’t want to come down from the feeling of doing things right, but it was getting pretty late so I got jumpy. Thanks a lot for the help. I’ll try most of what you said, but I think I’d rather just rotate the camera than use that empty method as I plan on having the abillity to “fly” through the world.

That tutorial did help, maybe if I had had more time last night I would have tried harder to find one like it… However, I do have one question. How do I keep the camera from being affected by gravity? Now, about that first question… What can I do in order to make the textures wrap correctly? I’ve tried every combination of the texture buttons that I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Am I going to need to create a full texture map for the horse, or should I do something similliar to the skybox and just set an envmap… I will really appreciate your help, and I really want to get this finished by the end of the weekend so I don’t think I have the time to learn too many more techniques…