A few questions from a newbie

I’ve been trying out Blender for a month now and it’s really good. There are a couple of things I can’t seem to do, however:

  1. When you create a 3d path and press TKey, you can twist it . Hitting tab does not enable you to enter numeric values, however. Tab works for rotate, scale, move, but not for the Tkey. Is there any way to do this, or is this a bug?
  2. If you want to extrude along normal, you use the EKey, then press Alt+S, twice. But how can you move it along the same normal later? Is there any way to move a face or edge along normal with the Gkey? I could use extrude again, but that would mean cleaning up the previous vertices. It would be easier to be able to just move the face itself.
  3. In the potatoe mode, everything goes white, so most of the time, finding the face you want is a guesswork. Is there any way to get rid of the white fill?
    Thanks for any replies. I’m sure I will be back with more naive questions, but that’s how you learn things.

There is no “potatoe” mode. It is the game mode (in case you didn’t know, blender has a game engine).

There IS a potato mode (Alt-Z)…


Ok, sorry for that potatoe, I meant UV face select mode. So if it’s all white, it’s pretty hard to find the particular face you want. Other than clicking until you find it.
One more thing. Playing around with the latest version. In the pose mode, if you have the rest position button clicked and you tried to move any of the bone, Blender crashes on you.

The documentation calls it ‘potato’ mode for some reason.

If you want to see your model shaded, use Z key. Look at the pretty picture, then press Z again to go back to wireframe. I don’t believe you’re actually meant to do any modeling in shaded mode.

If you have to see the faces and verts at the same time while in edit mode, hit F9 in Edit mode and click on the Draw Faces button under Mesh Tools 1. The faces are drawn in translucent so you can still see the verts.

As for tilt key in 3D curves, I dunno. I never used it. I usually just use Grab (GKEY) with the handles.

In face select mode you can get blender to draw the edges so that it is not solid white. It’s in the UV calculation panel -> draw edges. I believe this is a new feature in 2.34

Hope this helps