A few questions on the subject of modeling weapons and other...

When it comes to guns do you think it would be a better option to model custom made guns that for example I would design to put into a portfolio or perhaps real guns and custom?

I usually like to model swords, staves, and all that fantasy weaponry but would it be a better option if I just modeled a variety of weapons types or should I focus on specific ones as I listed?

Also I know its not really related to the subject but I’m thinking of picking up a license for marmoset toolbag to do renders. I’m not too familiar with it but would you say its worth the investment and does it give blender any problems?
Lastly I was thinking of picking up maya or max but I heard their whole license policy is changing on single purchased versions which makes me not want to pick either up since I don’t want to have to pay monthly payments to keep my work safe. I like blender but I figured I might need to extend my knowledge if I’m to be considered I guess, I wish there were more studios interested in blender users. I’m in the process of building a portfolio and I’m going to go to college for something… possibly web design if its worth it since I can blend my 3d modeling skills well.

As for what to model, make whatever you want to make. if you want a big collection then maybe make lots of different items.

if you are planning to sell them, or work with 3D modelling at a professional level then i would actually recommend you to make different items, so you learn more and have a better portfolio, otherwise it does not really matter.

as for Marmoset, i dont know what it is, but i assume its another 3D software. You should be able to export everything from blender and import it there with no problems. google it. if there are any issues then im sure they will pop up.

i dont know how autodesk lisences 3DS max, but i assume they do the same as with Maya. you can get a 3 year student Maya license for free, and you do get the full version as far as i know. and i think they might be doing the same with 3DS max, all though im not sure.

the only issue i have with maya is that the software is more complex, and is designed for a team. blender is designed for ONE man to be able to do everything from modelling, texturing, rigging and animating. also not all studios use maya, so i would hold off to be honest.

use blender to learn about computer graphics, cause that you can bring with you to ANY 3D software. so next time you pick up something new, you will only have to learn the program, and not what to do with it.


here is my portfolio so far, blender only. build your own, learn 3D, and dont worry about the software :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and yes while I do agree that blender is really great, the industry here in the US is dominated by autodesk products. It seems like a huge move it companies started to use blender instead so thats why I was skeptical about it. I guess I can always get the free student version and use it for learning. However I do plan to sell things in the future and use my models in hopefully games when I feel more comfortable.

I guess I will just continue to model a variety of guns and custom designed ones I make. I might expand into the environment artist area of modeling to do props and such.