A few questions regarding normal map baking...

I’m using Xnormals for baking since blender isn’t that bad but not good enough yet for baking normals. Here are some questions I have:

-Is it possible to still keep sharp edge when baking a normal map? I ask this because I heard this can be problematic and I’m not sure if the low or high poly should be the one to have these hard edges. I’m a hard surface modeler so most of the time I might need sharp edges and I use control loops alot to make them although I heard edge split might work.

-When using a cage to bake, is there any way I can properly scale the cage mesh without tweaking verts. around to get it perfect?

-Would you suggest a mesh to be triangulated for the low poly and cage before baking?

-is it suggested that I separate certain parts of a mesh where there’s a marked seam?

Sorry if some of these are possibly around but the first 2 are ones I really would like to know. I’ve had some trouble baking as I moved into hard surface modeling.