A few questions regarding OS and hardware

Hi guys,

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I sincerely hope this is he rigt forum subsection tompost this thread in, if not, could someone point me inthe right direction :o.

So I’ve been wanting to upgrade my PC for about a year but needed to save up some cash to do so, my current setup is Win7 an old Intel quad core (Before the days of i7) and an old AMD GPU. I am self taugt in all things 3D animation and vfx with the excellent help of Blender’s awesome community tutorials, but now I’m getting to a place where my work is becoming more complex, so I need some more power.

when it comes to Hardware I am pretty useless so please forgive my “newbness” :o. So here are my questions:

  1. PC vs OS X. I have read thr forum rules and no “vs” threads allowed so I am noy trying to do that here. I’ve just always used Win but have been wanting to use Mac’s OS for years! So I’m just asking if Blender (And eventually Maya, Cinema 4D and Zbrush) have any drawbacks in OS X? I have heard rendering times might be longer but could running Linux in bootcsmp solve te rending time issues? Is there evene an issue at all?

  2. AMD and Nvidea. I’ve tried to research this as best I could online and I do see that the majority of people prefer Nvidea, but I also noticd that many people use gaming GPUs, I want to buy a workstatin GPU. In my specified software in (1) is Cuda superior OCL? Would I notice any problems with a dual AMD GPU set-up? As I understand Cycles supports OCL and multi-GPU rendering?

  3. Custom PC vs Mac Pro? I really love thr style and look thr Mac Pro but reviess online are incredibly mixed. I do know you pay a premium for the “apple logo” but Im not really worried about that. So I suppose with a budget of around 6;5k-ish (Needs to incl a monitor but not 4k) Is thr Mac Pro worth it or should I build a PC? I understand the average workstation lifespan is 4yrs, so woukd an 8-core xeon, dual D700 GPU with 32gb RAM last that long? You can upgrade the RAM later on Mac Pro but nothing else. I must admit, I am really partial towards Mac as I’ve really been wanting to use the OS for a while, but I want to make a sensiblr choice.

Sorry vor the EXTREMELY long post:eek:.

I will mainly be using the new machine for 3d modelling, film editing and vfx mainly.

Thanks guys!