A few questions that need answering...

I was wondering if it would be possible to change the location of a keyframe on the NLA timeline using a property, let’s say i got a keyframe at frame 10 and my property value set to 10 and if i change the property to 20 it changes the keyframes position in the timeline to 20. Also I would like to know if i can make something that would randomly choose to activate one of two actuators and have it be controlled by percents. For example actuator1 has a 72% chance to activate and actuator2 has a 28% chance to activate, also i would like this to be controlled by a property so i can change it in game. (unless you know a different way of doing it) Well if anyone can answer these questions… You will make me very happy:D

Make a new ipo actuator and set the IPO type to “Property”. Type the property you want your ipo curve to be linked with. I hope that helped!

I’ve tried that and all that happens is it increases the number of frames but does not affect the ipo. if the ipo plays an animation at frame 1-100 and i set the property to 1000 and then let’s say i ad an always set on pulse mode, it doesn’t play till i hit 100. I want to play from 1000 to 1.

property mode, count the property backward to reverse play the animation