a few questions

sorry to bother, but does anybody know how to get the hash to work in Blender 2.42?
I have a 64*64 plane and when I’m in edit mode and I click hash, nothing happens! does anybody know how to fix this?

one more question:
how do you join or merge two seperate mesh files into one, contaning both meshes?

  1. You won’t see anything happening; it hashes (scrambles) the Vertex Order.

  2. You goto File >> Append, in one file, navigate to the other file, goto the Objects Library and append an Object (not a Mesh, Curve, Armature etc until you understand that those are DataBlocks and not Objects).


ok, I got the hash part, but when i try to append an object, i can only can get one group of the mesh there, and not the whole thing. so does that mean that i need to append all of the groups!?

so does that mean that i need to append all of the groups!?

Dunno what that means; are you actually using Groups? as in Ctrl-G. Or are you talking about multiple Objects that make up one character?

Basically you can join Objects with Ctrl-J in the Library file before appending, or you can select more than one Object by RightMouse dragging or Shft-RMB in the Object Library.


ok, thanks, I got it

new question-
ok, now I have 2 seperate meshes with their own particle systems, one for hair and one for fog. now when I add a curve to the fog particles, it works fine, but when I save it, close it, and then open it, all parcicles are following the curve, not just the one that should, but also the particles that shouldn’t. does anyone know how to get around this problem?

Curves only affect particles in the same layer, so you could put the hair and fog emitters on different layers, along with their respective curve guides.

oh, ok!
thanks!, I’ll try that!