A few questions

Ok, I have several questions…
First of all, what exactly is poly?
Second of all, is there a way that I can control things like 64 bit graphics or 128 bit or what ever I want the graphics of the game to look like, like if I want n64-like graphics.
Third of all, what is the best tut for the GE? Is there a Noob to pro?

ok…a poly is like a face…there is no best tutorial for the ge…be more specific on what you want to do


the above link should explain lots of the basics…

I don’tknow about other paint programs, but in photoshop you can save the quality of the texture, but I doubt it will go all the way down to the first 3d consols quality. To make it look “retro” paint in blocks, not like a brush, save it as a low quality, and as a .gif file. Thats my advice for that.

lol ya just make crapy textures!!!=D…perfect solution for everything=D

Ok, thanks. Are there any video tutorials anywhere? Well I guess I could just google it to find out…

You posted to tell us you will google for video tutorials?

Anyway, here’s a link: Video Tutorials
I didn’t download them so I don’t know how good they are, but everyone said they were good…