A few questions

Okay, I’ve searched the tutorials, and I have the hotkey maual, but I cant seem to find out how to select only ONE prim or non-linked object at a time. All i can do is press tab and select everything onscreen!

I’m still sifting throught the hotkey manual, but I figured this might be faster since this forum community is so friendly.

Hello and welcome.

You’ve been adding your “new objects” in Edit mode, which makes them all part of the same editable mesh object. If you want to make separate objects, use the Tab key to return to Object mode before adding each new primitive.

This is a common new user confusion, since Blender automagically puts you in Edit mode when you add a new object. Apparently the assumption is that we want to reshape something as soon as we add it – which you’ll appreciate when you’re more experienced!

And it is very easy to add/remove meshes . Just select a vertex or edge or face of the object you want to separate hit the L hot key to select linked (which will select the whole mesh for you) then the P hot key to make into a separate object . And if you want to add use Ctrl-J to join in Object Mode .

Cool, thanks guys!