A few questions

Ok ive got a few questions im not realy new to blender ive just never seen this done.Is it possible to make game were the people can customize there player and then use that player in multiplayer with others.Also is it possible to make it so you can get in and out of lets say in my case a tractor trailer on multiplayer with others.Thanks in advance and plz dont comment unless you can answer or at least point me in the right derection.oh and sry if this is in the wrong section i was a little confused if it should go in the python or here.Plz dont get mad(new guy to the forum.)

A very experienced Blender games coder could probably do it. I wouldn’t be trying it as a new user though.

This correct area for this post would be in the Blender Game Engine Support forum.

alright sry.new and didnt know.