A few quick questions

Hello, I have 3 quick questions.

  1. Is there a way to view a list of all the objects in the scene? By objects I just mean individual items such as a cube, sphere etc.

  2. I’ve been creating a model for a few days. When I left click and the cursor thing appears that determines where new objects are created instead of being positioned close to my model it gets placed really far in the distance, does anyone know why?

If I create a new scene and try clicking around it will be placed close to my model, I don’t know why this changed.

  1. Is it possible to render from your view port? Like in Maya, when you click render the default isn’t to render from a set camera but to render from what you currently see

1 - Open an outliner window.
2 - reset back to the grid centre with Shift+C
3 - Full render, no. You can align your camera to the view. Select the camera and use Ctrl+Alt_Numpad 0. Then F12 to render