A Few Simple Questions About Fluid.

Hi i have been playing with the fluid simulator for awile now and i keep seeing some of the other effects other people are useing such as the pool of water that a ball drops in to that makes a splash, what i cant figure out is how to make a pool of water at the start of the simulation, all i can figure out how to do is inflow and like a ball of fluid, the other question i had was is there away to keep the fluid from hitting the box and makeing it show the invisible box, i have tryed makeing the box bigger so the fluid would not hit it but the fluid becomes so small its not even funny, does anybody maybe have some ideas about this problem?. anyway thank you for reading and sorry for the lack of grammer and spelling i am typeing this in abit of a hurry.


For the pool just make a fluid box(not inflow) and make it not as tall, but wider in all dimensions than the domain. Then have it also going through the bottom of the domain. If this makes since? Also to not show to domain, there is no way. You have to have obstacles that it won’t bounce out of, like a sink or something if you don’t want them to see the domain. For instance if you were to fill a cup, then it wouldn’t show the domain because all the fluid would be in the cup…

Hope this helps!