a few simple questions and maybey some opinons

I made the decision to make a web site with free models specificly for the blender g.e. although there are allot of modelers out there I’m some one who enjoys it more then just making the games. i am concentrating on ether making some difficult models or really elabrate ones depending on how my skills improve over time. so my questions are is there a way to import one blender saved file into another.(basically making the two one file). the resson is i would like to make diffrent files for each head to attach onto the bodies i make. also should i pre-animate the models so they just implement into the games or should i leave that up to the game creators.i would like to post the vert count of each model so how do i check that, and lastly and lastly whats the best way to unwrap a model i had some dificulty exporting it correctly so i just used the texture editor to paint it instead of an extrenal program.

heres the first model i made like always critism is needed i would like to make the best models posible.


any one interested in helping with this project is welcome to id just like to ask that you know a little bit about good modeling and keeping poly count down as needed.

Use “File - Append” to add an existing object from other blender file.