A few things i could use some help with:

I’m working on a game where i want to have different states, or modes of running. First you start running by holding down the shift key, but is it possible to make it so that after say 15-30 seconds of running you can tap shift, maybe once every 1-2 seconds to run faster. I suppose i could use properties to set the modes, and use intervals of a timer, but need help scripting the tapping.

Also I would like to add a overheating system to the weapon, expanding a circle every time you shoot, and having it decrease in size when you don’t. So far I’ve tried using a shape key, I can’t figure out how to scale an object in the bge (can that be scripted?), which poses problems for the collision (when it has reached a given size). The circle only expands enough if you hold in the mousebutton, turning on tap in the mousesensor didn’t help.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance:)

Yes, it is possible. Use a timer (either Blender’s built-in timer variable, or your own by just adding an amount like 1 or a time value to a property (i.e. obj[‘runtimer’] += 1.0)) to measure how long you’ve been running. Once it exceeds 15, start counting a separate timer that, when it exceeds the second amount, like 1 or 2 and you press the Shift key (logic.keyboard for a keyboard object pointer, or you can use the Keyboard sensor), return the second timer to 0 and add a bit to the running speed.

Yeah, you can scale things using Python by using the object’s scaling property, though I don’t think that will help you with the circular expanding reticule. I’d think it would be better to use shape keys for this.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try that out. I’ve followed some of your python tutorials on your blog and they have been very helpful so far, looking forward to more;)

Thank you - I uploaded part 8 over the weekend. Part 9 should be coming up soon.