a few war pictures

They are war propaganda pictures.
It’s a part of my art-school personnal project.

Did you model everything by yourself? The cruiser looks great. Colors and scenery are really nice!

NO, i haven’t modeled the purple tank, the yellow plane and the two boats.
But i don’t think that’s important in this work.
It’s not “3d for 3d”. I mean i really don’t care about the technical part.

well, whether or not you modelled the vehicles, I love the style and look of these!
what’s with the shrooms behind the tanks?
what are the red and yellow thing in the picture with the boats?
why are the bombs falling onto the planes from above? shouldn’t they be falling out from the bottoms of the planes? although I suspec this was intentional.
overall, it’s an interesting set of pictures. any more?
maybe try rendering with a toon shader and edge drawing, it seems to be asking for it

I like the first and second, but I think the composition of the other 2 just makes not much sense.
The first 2 are funny in a painful way, and I guess it’s supposed to be like that!?
The partial diving into the ground just looks not right.
Colours are a direct hit, I think!

Actually I like the composition of the last one. Are these related to Kouky? They resemble the larts part, and I do believe I’m seeing penguins in that last shot.

Yes, it’s linked to the “kouky” movie, it’s in the same universe.
The yellow & red smalls thing on picture #4 are the 2 penguins of the movie.

about the gold plane : i think it’s just bombed by another place higher than it.

thorwil, why do you think the last 2 compositions doesn’t make sence ?
I’m really insterested to know why, it could help me in my work.

cool! I liked Kouky the movie. While we’re waiting for Thorwil’s response, I can say why I like composition in last shot- Its because lines of top ship, horizon and bottom ship lead the eye in a meander or zigzag back and forth and down until they meet the penguins in the bottom right. The penguins are tiny, yet you can’t miss them due to this. It also leads you down in scale; The horizon and the ships are huge things, and what you rest on are tiny things looking so fragile as they regard the (destroyed?) behemoths. Also, due to their role of viewers they remind us of ourselves as we view the picture, and the subject matter of their viewpoint becomes ours. I like this.
I also think the pictures are very funny, in an edgy way- since they have bright colors, simple shapes, yet the topic is so ‘heavy’.

The 3rd picture shows bombs falling at planes. The first 2 pictures show war machinery like it were something nice, bright and happy. But the bombing is a very direct hint at the destruction, so we have a completely different level here. And then bombing planes doesn’t make sense, need missiles to hit them (they will have moved forward when the bombs reach their height).
The last picture: I see a green ship in the sky. It looks like it has its own perspective and scale. The blue ship looks miniature in comparison. And it’s placed in snow / on solid ground (must be solid because of the trees)?! Nothing of this seems to help with communicating any kind of message.
I never even heard of that movie …

i love your style, the colors and shades of things make it wonderful

Wow, those are some great renders. You really captured the style,…I think on a couple of them, a sort of grainy gradient as a background might look good,…you know what I mean? Some old war posters have a really interesting sort of charcoal look, but usually done in primary colors, like red. Anyway, that’s some really nice work.

Here’s an older one (made with 3ds max) :


i do like the penguins at all!

Ooh yeah, I reminds me from that weird penguine movie, that almost look like that I was high or something. But nice render, are you planning to do another penguine movie? :slight_smile: