a few WIP renders for my cartoon [updated]

hi all
im not new here but i havent used the forum for a loooong time :stuck_out_tongue: i have been planning a cartoon. I am making the backdrops in blender.

the general story follows a guy named bob who lives in a distopian futuristic city run by robots. its meant to play out in episodes and is like a music video.

to make the locations authentic, i am building the entire city in blender. i have made the buildings in separate files and appended them into this test file to try out lighting and atmospherics.

the final renders will have more objects and detail. i will then import the renders into painter and add more details by hand.

i hope to use this forum allot more and get all your feedback! :slight_smile:

heres the pics:






and heres my deviant art just for kicks :smiley:


I like the 1st and 3rd renders the best, on other the buildings look waay too repetitive.
Also wats with the intense amount of smoke or dust or whatever.

Overall imo this has potential, keep at it!

the city is supposed to look mundane, no lights and purposeful buildings, hence the repetitiveness. im gona try reducing the overall effect though…
the intense fog was to try to create some depth (you know how things in the distance are more washed out) but it didnt quite turn out as planned… if you know how to get that effect, by all means let me know :smiley:

an update to my city. trying out a different lighting system. took away the mist. put a sun instead of a lamp.
i still cant get the render that i want. i want a lot of light bounce but i cant seem to get it to work with the blender render.

i tried lux and got amazing results, i just dont want to wait 12 hours for it to finish. so can anyone help me out here? how should i add some realism to this? (keep in mind the floor will be changed later on)



thanks! :slight_smile:

You’ll want some ambient light. You can do this in a variety of ways: ambient occlusion, the ambient settings in World, etc. Maybe a hemi-light. I prefer the atmosphere settings in the first renders, but the first thing that comes to mind is “Mars”.

doom 3 mixed with halo.

i took your advice and tampered with the AO and radiosity (not sure if the radiosity did anything)

still just one light source - the sun, with environment and sky. I played around with those settings aswell and got an interesting result. i made it a thick atmosphere again, and added a light layer of fog. the solid colouring and lights make it look like a vector drawing, which is perfect since its for a cartoon.

i also put some mountains in the background. im not sure if it looks like doom3 + halo anymore :slight_smile:

and heres one with toon lines:

feed back welcome :smiley:

Oh yeah! I am liking this better now! This looks like borderlands now actually! http://www.thexboxlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/borderlands1.jpg (not the best comparison, but yeah just in case you dont know the game)

Am am not sure if the sphere thing fits in the scene, what about making it a planet in the bacground? I think that would look pretty cool. Also the buildings are plain, add some panels or windows or something.

But yeah the overall coloring is nice i think.


hmmm borderlands eh… i dont think il keep the outline look though. i like the slightly realistic feel.

as for the sphere, i wont take that out because its essential to the plot :slight_smile:

heres an update. this is a painting over the last test render i did, and is the closest to what i want a final background to look like. lemme kno what y’all think :smiley:


Oh yeah, i like like that better, but maybe just a bit more details on the sphere, and do it in blender ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:

haha. i wish my computer had the processing power to handle that amount of detail but i just cant. thats why im adding details by hand! to speed up my workflow!

heres the latest one. probably gonna keep it like this unless someone mentions something i missed or can improve on…

Looking great, I kind of did like the outline before. But it most certainly looks way better now.

Keep up the great work!