a fibre genertor built into blender?

it would be a geat idea to have a fibre genertor like the ripsting one built into blender, and make human , and some other cool scripts, landscape, etc,…

if they were built into blend more, like the little script list included with blender, it would boost up blender a bit

i thought that would be a good idea, unfortunatly, i cannot code, i can do very simple batch scripting, no python, and a bit of asm

so i couldn’t really contribute, but why not put all the great pythin scripts into blender. ??

Hi !

I am not a coder at all. I am very clumsy with programming, and I never trespassed Quick Basic.

I am using Blender for 8 months, and After few months, I thought about some features to put into Blender that I found usefull…
Indeed, they were gadgets!

Now, I have understood that Blender coders concentrate their energy on the main functions of blender, to enhance the render quality for example.

It is a huge work. I am not a coder, as said before, but I am sure that it is a huge work.

Some coders works on scripts and make usefull feature that we (users) can use or not with blender. Some scripts are better than others, and help us to make various kind of things, but not the most important.

The quest of “natural looking hairs” is the Blender user Graal. Some scripts allow to achieve fiber effects that approach the wished result, but I think that they are not at the point that they could be inbedded in a professionnal software.

Because Blender IS a professionnal software, and I think that the official coders of Blender want to put in the software only the best quality features, to keep high the global quality of each release.

It is only my point of view… :wink: