A fine day to die

Hi, I made this picture today, but I really don’t know what I should put in to it now, so i decided to post her. I made it be course i needed a new wallpaper. It’s rendered with yafray. Any critic, ideas or just comments are more then welcome.

And here is a big one http://jonas.klit-reiff.dk/AFineDayToDie_red.jpg

well I guess you wanna keep the type of cartoon style.

if you do would maybe a one white cloud in the sky. this would already make it less empty

well for that cartoonish style you could try with toon edges, it might be better that way. It looks too empty like this

Use bezier/nurb curves/circles to make flat clouds (and if they fall outside of your lighting setup set emit on the material to 1 or something)

Hey Jonas! Nice seeing you around here (48 posts …must have missed them) :slight_smile:

My only crit right now would be that it’s maybe too empty. Simple can work very well, but this
seems to be a bit too empty. Think of things you can add to the scene, like for instance a bit
of earth around the cross, flowers on it maybe, etc.

Also, for simple and non-textured materials like these, colorbands, in especially the “normal”
mode, can give a nice backlit look. Play around with ramps. These are really nice when
working with textureless materials.

Lykke til! (Good luck!) :slight_smile:

The main light source is not the sun, as it should be. It look very good.