A fine procedural wood material for Cycles

Hey everyone,

Here’s a procedural wood material I made using Cycles material nodes. Feel free to use, share, disassemble, remix, season your turkey and generally play around with it however you like. Two preset scenes (images below) are included in the .blend file:

Cycles Wood Material.blend (650 KB)

Note: you’ll need at least Blender 2.62 due to a bug in earlier versions.


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wow they both look extremely good! can i get a download file?
your file isnt working by the way. maybe you should use a link text?

Thanks! For the link to work, you’ll need to change ; into : and , into .
I’ve updated the original post to clear that up a bit. Sorry about the hassle, but as a new user I can’t post URLs or attachements yet…

I’ll use my super-awesome “More than 2 Posts” powers to say this: http://ge.tt/85pTrmD

Very nicely done. Great effect with such minimal tools, and good organization of the nodes to top it off.


Ooh, thanks! And I’m not just saying that to get one step closer to having those wonderful powers myself. Trust me.

thank you for the fix im going to be putting this wood texture to use (the second one i like better :D)

wow the result is pretty amazing - but I was shocked when I saw how complex this material is :wink:

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Thanks, this looks very good, especially the second one more subtle. The nodes look crazy though :slight_smile: I’ll try to make the planks more elongated but I have no idea where to start in that macaroni stuff :slight_smile:

I not going to use it ( i am not artist, only coder) but i must note it so real and lookng in every node group it very complex, inner Cycles render loop is simpler! In theory, it will render faster if rewrite all in plain C as special node to avoid some overhead, but it already render fast at least on my CPU. Many thanks for sharing this material !


You’re right, a C rewrite should make it a lot faster. Maybe someday I’ll have some extra time too look into it.

very cool, very cool. Something about it does not look 100% real to me, but it’s 95% real and that’s a whole lot better than I could do procedurally. Thanks!

i managed to make the planks longer with the lenght: slider in the top of the macoroni,
i think its more like spaghetti to me, but i guess everybody has their own taste of pasta

This node setup is the most complex thing I’ve ever seen!

hello wesvdes, i was wandering how you did it. how did you get these characterics sliders in the different wood groups nodes? it would be great if you could tell us how you did it.


Good idea!
I’m putting a yummy little tutorial together on how to make a procedural material and organize the nodes. Back tomorrow…

wow that would be absolutely great, i think many wander how to set it up so one can nicely experiment and stuff.

I think blender nodes need a COMMENT node. This seems like a major oversight actually. In a lot of other modular ‘programming’ environments you can add comments. Any other type of coding… there are comments. This is a good example of when commenting is needed, so others can figure out how to use the node setup, or even yourself months later…

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yes that would be a great idea because i cannot figure out how to make the same node setup that the author of this wood texture made. it would be great if he could show us some tips how to get this not setup, which buttons he pushed to get this.

Hello there wesvdes, you know i really wanted to know how you have done it.
how did you got those wood groups edited like that?