A fire and logo

Does anyone know how to make a fire like in this website http://www.saiyanheat.com not saying taht I didn’t try. And does anyone have any ideas for a logo?

Couln’t get to that site, but fire is usually done with a particle emitting mesh, particles going upwards and with a halo material with a colour ipo moving from bright yellow to dull grey passing trhough red.


or you could just wash out the picture like they did there with photoshop but that would mean that you would have to leave your days behind pertaining to ms paint like the trash that’s on your site. sorry to be so harsh but i think my little nephew could make something better with the jar of baby food in one hand during his first drool session with photoshop.

you’ve got a long way before you hit the respect your looking for and dead relatives make us no closer.

Uh why don’t you use your super-uber SideXffects software to make the fire?

what’s your guys’ problems? :o :x