A fish

Hi all,
this is my first test with Blender. I tried to follow a tutorial at http://www.digitalproducer.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=5139. I had some problems with fins and transparency. Transparency didn’t work out right when using scanline rendering (even though I had TraShadow enabled) and the shadows were too sharp when using raytracing. That’s why I rendered using them both and combined the picture from those renders.
Here’s the result:
All comments are welcome.


That is very good :o , welcome to Blender and Elysiun :smiley: .

For a first post that really is a good introduction, you have really done well with the textures and the colouring is great, fantastic, I can’t wait to see more.


Looks fantastic. My only crit, is that the eye looks very blurry, instead of sharp and clear.

Heh. What program do you usually use, or should I start sending anyone thinking about touching Blender to that particular tut?

I have used 3DS MAX and also had a little try with Maya. That particular tutorial is quite program independent so I’d recommend that to anyone though I would first advise them to read the “Modelling Bongo” tutorial. And of course the Blender guide. Those are the ones I read before that fish tutorial.

Very Nice!

Welcome to elysiun and blender. I don’t think I have a crit for this. The texturing is very well done.

Good job.

hey this is really great work, is it hard to adapt to blender after using other programs, or all they pretty much all alike.

Blender has been the easiest to learn. Maybe it’s because of all the great posts at this forum or perhaps the base knowledge (although I have learnt a lot with blender too) has helped.

nice, but that eye badly needs to be modelled.

looks good but i must agree about the eye. it needs a new material with :
higher specularity
higher hardness value ( maybe use the blinn shader )
should be modelled in seperate pieces ( pupil/iris/lens/and outer membrane )
and if you want to be really fancy, a touch of raymir, or possibly an image texture set to ‘refl’, and ‘add’.

When joining a forum, you are not to put your best work up for your first posting. Its ok this time. We newbies forgive you.:smiley: Love this fish btw.

What did you do to that poor little FISH, it’s very scary :o

it’s real - VERY NICE :smiley: