A flash site with some 3D


Here is a recently launched flash site of a local restaurant. It’s a very good restaurant, I recommend it if you ever visit Rovaniemi. There is a welcoming screen made with Blender and a short 3D intro movie. I also did the flash but that’s not important here. :slight_smile:


Modelling the hut and the animation took me around 4 working days to complete. The animation is pretty badly compressed but we can’t keep people waiting for it to load.

lol great site!!!
love the animation although it was a bit too low res. But nice nevertheless.

Good job I like the welcome screen.

very nice! and what an interesting restaurant.

I’ll have to stop by next time I’m in finland…:rolleyes:

Very nice!

And I am hungry now…

Very nice work, ook.

I like the website - your flash work looks decent and made me curious. I had to explore the whole site and it makes the restaurant look cosy and warm.


Restaurant looks very nice. Anyway, the into animation is awesome! I love it.


Really sweet movie, 5 stars.

very nice introduction…

That was absolutely amazingly done! 5 stars

Looks very nice! Obnoxiously slow though. :frowning: