A flower for you...

Hey everybody!! Happy 2012 :smiley:

So here’s my new project…


Basically 2 robots…one (the dude) giving a flower to his (female) friend. The idea started out as a doodle (me being bored out of my mind and messing around in Blender) and I’ve decided to turn it into a finished product. The idea is to make it a landscape/banner composition and on completion, submit it to BlenderNation as a header graphic.

So far I’ve gotten started on the robots’ head…


…more to come soon :slight_smile:


A spine and a body for the robot…



Next is detailing the body :slight_smile:


Dude those eyes look sick :P.
Great Job and 2 Thumps up from me !

Great concept. Very unique ‘Robot’ visualization. I like the style. Simple combined with intricate. It’s just started and I like it very much already!

I think it would add a bit if you’d take the circle part of the body, where the spine protrudes and extend the cut on the top portion of the body to show there is room for movement if the robot would need to protrude it’s head forward…but, even without that, it’s still quite awesome.

Ah! Didn’t notice that. Fixed :slight_smile:


And some details on his body. The square in the middle will be textured as a digital screen displaying the emotion that the robot is ‘feeling’


Going away for 2 days, so no updates for a time. Please critique so I have lots to do when I get back :smiley:


Hey Robo it looks like you’ve got another great scene going here. The detail on the eyes is awesome:) I’m wondering where you are going to go with the overall coloring of the robots…glossy white or more metalic maybe even a bit aged;) Anyway you go I’m sure will be amazing.

Happy Blending!

Hi Derek! Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: For colouring, I plan to go with low saturated colour theme for each robot (blue/green for the boy, purple/pink/red for the girl) and then add just a touch of grunge/rust texturing to each. The idea is sci-fi/cartoon robot model with antique/aged texturing…a futuristic robot from 70 years ago :eek:


That sounds just like your style Robo…I’ll be watching this thread:)

Here’s progress on the arms…didn’t get time to do the hands yet, that’s next :slight_smile:




Not too convinced I’m happy with them…ideas?


What about clamps…something more like W-ALLEY. I think it might fit better with the rest of the robot style. It really comming along nicely Robo:) keep it up!

Happy Blending!

Amazing robot. About the hand I think the whole idea with hand is that you should be able to hold and grab things with them. With a round palm like the robot has I doubt he’d be able to hold anything in it. Thats why I think it looks a little weird.
Can’t wait to see more of your robot :slight_smile:

Very good model, everything looks nice and clean, keep on working!

Very nice modelling with a lot of details!! I am keen to see it textured!! Keep the good work up!! :wink:

Thank you for the comments my friends :slight_smile:

@Derek: duh of course! WALL-E hands!! Why didn’t I think of that…thanks a bunch! And yes Sandile, I see your point :slight_smile:

…and voila…WALL-E style hands :smiley: (Cycles render)


That is always my main focus, to keep subsurf models clean…hope I am doing a good job :o

Thanks, and ya, I am keen to see it textured too…hopefully it works out :smiley:

More updates soon…


First off, I love your style :slight_smile: I even tried to re-create your entry to the BlenderGuru competition! :o
I hope you finish this, it already looks great and the concept is pretty cool, keep up the good work!

P.S. Will the flowers be real flowers or made of metal?

I absolutely love the concept!

Wish you luck and I will be definitely following this thread! :slight_smile:

lookin’ pretty awesome, Robo! even without any Mats or Textures, really looks mechanical… some great modelling :smiley: the detail is amazing too (I went :eek: when I saw the eyes)…complex and simple at the same time, I like it!

looking forward to seeing your banner pop up on BlenderNation! :wink: (does it cycle through at all, btw?)

EDIT - in response to RossBlenderArt’s question: would probably be metal, like the stalk of corn in Iron Giant! :wink:

Glade that worked out Robo you did an excellent job and I think it really fits the style. Plus the hands (clamps) will be even easier to pose:)

P.S. My vote is for the flowers to be mechnicalized??? if thats a word. Like springs and washer and bolts with some scrap. Anyway dont mind me its easy to build on a great scene and idea:) but ultimately your the man in charge.

Keep up the good work and good luck!.. I’ll be watching