A flower in a vase falling in slow motion

Hey guys!

I’ve been a little out of the Blender-loop for years now. I used to post some Blender tutorials and such probably five or so years ago.

A USC student short film that I’m co-directing requires a shot that I’m trying to do entirely in CG. It’s a single shot of a vase with a white rose falling in super slow motion. While I’d love to do this without CG, we just don’t have access to a camera that can shoot at a higher frame rate than 60p, and that’s just not slow enough.

After five years away from Blender, I’m pretty much a noob, so bear with me if the following questions are a little naive. I’m wondering a couple things, namely:

  • Would a photorealistic shot of this be possible? I’m leaning towards yes, but I’d like to have an expert’s opinion before I sink serious time into this.
  • The part I’m particularly concerned about is the slow-motion petal deformation as the vase falls. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Individually rig each petal and maybe right a python script to randomize the deformation a bit? Use some sort of built in mesh deformation simulation tools (i.e. Macgyver the cloth simulation tool)? I never really got very good at animation or IK rigging, so I’m kind of wondering what the limitations would be. The flower that we’re looking to have in the vase looks like this: http://tinyurl.com/2csl864

Just a side note: I decided to post this in the animation forum because my primary concern is the animation of the petals.

Thanks again, guys! It feels great to be back in the Blender community!

just use the cloth simulator, or make the petals softbodies. my how blender has grown!
(edit) also, you can use the new shatter ( not sure if that is what it’s called ) add-on ( script ) in 2.5 to fragment your vase. There are also wind, and force fields that you can use.

Its called Fracture tools :wink:
Yes it is all very possible, the most challenging part will be the materials setup but it shouldn’t be too hard.