A flower sprite (?)

Hey guys,

I’m making a window flower box for a scene in my little animated skit. Modeling tons of different flowers is not what I’d like to be spending my time on (though it may come to that), so i was wondering whether you can use a flower texture as a sprite (everything alpha’d of course except the stem and flower head itself), and have the sprite track the moving camera?

I’m not entirely sure how sprites work, or if this is even possible, OR whether it would look any good.


Have you investigated things like Plant Studio ?
Or 3D Plants
It would make them for you.

Well, i don’t want to deal with licenses, and I’d like to really try and make it as much “my creation,” as possible…

You can setup alpha mapped planes that will track the camera. However, if you camera is close to the flowers at all, the movement would seem strange. In real life flowers don’t follow your eyes. I would suggest just making the planes static but adding lots of them to make the flower box full and arrange the planes at several angles so that as the camera moves you will see different flowers come into view.

As for how to make the flower images, try making some quick flower models using the Spin tool and then render each one out as an RGBA image. This way you can build up your own stock of flower sprites.