A fluid sim with WITH OUT a difference!

This had to be done: http://cowman.weebeastie.net/Super_Monkey_Splash.avi <-Not working for now…

And now it’s done…

Dont be afraid children! C&C welcome!

Edit1: Sorry everyone, just that I didn’t find Suzanna water spalsh. To make it up to you, i’ll try to make an impressive looking one that isn’t plain.

I allso renamed the topic more apprpriatly. :stuck_out_tongue:

somthing wrong with AVI file

yes somthing is wrong it stops like a second in to moving

The last frame shows a box with a typical fluid in it.
So it looks like Cow_man tried a Suzanna fluid out of the box.

didn’t work for me either

Well, the video worked, but i dont get it… Its a water suzanne that seems as though it just floats there for a few seconds then explodes or something in the last frame or two…

I did that already, wasn’t a big deal… Except that my video worked. Try using AVI Jpg.

This is a bad doo doo! When I put it on it worked, i’ll see into that.