A Fountain

Ok, this here is a scen of a fountain I am working on as a title for a book, but I would like to hear some C&C, what do you like, look fake? look real?, etc.
Or what can I fix?
Its not fully done so I know it might look a bit wierd

Even if your scene is in the night, I think some light color are missing. For exemple a blue one for the global scene; and an orange one on the fire.

There is also a problem : We can see the sky on the bottom of your scene :frowning: !

[edit]If your image is based on the fountain, you should put a light to show it better. (And why can’t we see any water ? :D[/edit]

Good luck for the next :smiley: !

Ok, I fixed the grass at the bottom, now I just need to figure out lighting, any advice? and Im going to add water to the fountain idk if I am going to do it via fluid sim, or via model it if that is even possible.
C&C appreciated

Fluid simulation could be better… but you can combin that with a particule system.

Ok heres an update with water(made via modelling) and bushes
C&C Please

I’m just wondering, have you tried the fluid simulator for stuff like that? Because a good high resolution fluid sim should give decent results.

Also, I look at the flames and it seems both of them are exactly the same, if they’re textures differentiate the second one, if it’s particles then change the seed number.

Yeah, Ive tried the Fluid SIm, over and over and over again sadly nothing good. either the sim would just blob up at the top part of the fountain, or if it didnt the flowing of the water wasnt any good either, and thanks about the fire i never thought about that.:slight_smile:

I can’t see any shadow on your image… Are there any spot or lamp with shadow on ?

Stars are too large. Also, even though this is a ‘night’ scene, you need a bit more light.