A foxy remix [Finished]

A little bit more work done this evening after work. The base head is almost done. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow evening!


Hey, would you please post a link to your Sketchfab account? I want to follow you there.


To clarify, I’m quite a Blender noob and so far did not use Sketchfab outside of exercises for CGCookie. That may change in the future…

Here it is :

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Base head is 90% done!

There will likely be some tweaking to have vertices flow more naturally in the front, but first, I have to low-poly that magnificient mane!


Really cool so far. To color it, you could probably transfer the uvmap of the original fox head, and use the image to generate vertex colors in geometry nodes.

Very interesting approach. Not sure I would know how to do it. I’ll see…hopefully at the end of this week.

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Last week, let’s try to finish this project…

Got the mane done, always using the same strategy.

Same method has been used to re-create the flowers assets in the same lowpoly triangle style

I started to play with the particle system to get the flowers (very early draft).

I will work on the fox material tomorrow in the train for work, and I need to find a way to get the long hair system from the splashscreen done in lowpoly…

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Nice! Last few days, even :slight_smile:

I love the low poly triangle aesthetic, that always plays really well with the Sketchfab viewer. Are you on 3.3 yet? Have you played with the new hair system? I got into it on the weekend and it might be your answer for getting the long hair into Sketchfab; it now talks with Geometry Nodes, so you can use it to make hair cards, then you could use a painty strokey texture.

Make sure to get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge

After some trial and error, I may go with a regular fox color scheme with additional effects.


No, I’m still on 3.2, and due to real life work, I’m short of remaining time to work on these, and experimenting will be even harder.

Thanks for the tip!

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The harshest trick of it is, you’ll go over to the Particles tab and think “WTH this is just the old hair, where do I find it?” The new workflow is if you got a mesh selected, go to Add | Curves and there’s a new Empty Hair object

I decided to emphasize the lowpoly aspect of it by mixing a gradient texture with a per face random color effect. I also took the decision to change the color scheme to a “natural” fox color. I also used a decimated curve to make a tail around the head.

I still need to add more mane details and whiskers.

My biggest issue right now is to have these material to work in sketchfab, which they currently don’t.

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that looks really cool

Ok ok…

I thought I would not be able to understand how to import my procedural texture to Sketchfab, but I managed to bake it and import it…

We are still on track to do something with this project!

To do list :

-Finish whiskers
-Finalize all procedural materials
-Bake all procedural materials into texture
-Import in Sketchfab and set things up.


Because of my messy workflow, the baked textures are quite scary to look at!

I’m working on a test version comparing what I could do between Blender and Sketchfab…

Blender test, light color, nice mood. Almost cosy…

Experimenting in Sketchfab, quite ominous, quite dark…

I should be able to finish it tomorrow after work. Fingers crossed!



Ok, I will consider it done now!

I’m happy that I finished something, but I’m disappointed by myself for not putting consistent effort into it.

I hope you’ll like it!


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Good luck!

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