A Frame Cabin (Indigo)

Trying out the indigo renderer, this is a clay render to check the lighting. Nothing has materials, yet, just standard Blender grey. I see some light leaks and some floating trash baskets and chairs, and I see I forgot to model the stove in the lower right corner, that rectangle is the placeholder.

I had to reduce the image to grey scale, and shrink it to meet BAs filesize limits. I am trying to make a photorealistic render of the following reference image (which is also converted to grey and shrunk) so basically I’m looking for comments on the lighting and modeling, since that’s all that I’ve worked on so far. Texturing still to come.

I had a somewhat elaborate light set up in blender to try to mimic the lighting in the reference (before I decided to try indigo) but it seems like the only light indigo recognized was the sun lamp. Is this normal?


wow impressive lighting good work!

The default settings cause the Sun/Sky to overpower any Mesh Emitters in a scene. You need to increase the Gain of any Emitters . . . to like, in the millions.

Ok. Is a mesh emitter like a lamp, or is it a mesh object set to emit? Or both? Normally I’d just experiment to find out, but indigo experiments take sooo looooong…

@Chavoh – don’t be too impressed, apparently my lighting set up had very little to do with the results… Thanks anyway, though.

I think I misunderstood your question before. Yes, the Sun is the only Blender Lamp that Indigo uses. It will also use Mesh Emitters, which can be any mesh object set to emit (beyond that, it can illuminate a scene with the Background Color, and HDR images).