A free program to make my animation seem like it was taken by a cheap camera?

I figure I’ll have an edge in realism if I render in low quality and say it was taken using a cellphone camera, with appropriate modifications. (Also, lower render times! Yay!)

Blender compositor

You don’t know of an external program made specifically for this?
(Also, I’m talking about animation)

Just playback your animation on a screen and video tape it or phone camera record it while it is playing back.

  • low resolution
  • add nodes for low contrast, low colour, low depth of field (set at an arbetery distance - cel-phones dont allow you to set the point of focus) and a little noise
  • low quality mp4 compression

Thanks for the ideas.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save as much as I should, and ruined my scene.
This is as far as I got.