A friend

Hi to all, a regular blender user here. I live in Russia and i’m 16, I want to find a native eglish-speaking friend to practice my english. I’m interested in films, learning to play guitar, learnig blender, photoshop and illustrator together. Please don’t try to troll me, of course you may, but i’m here with good intensions and this is off-topic. I would like to talk by skype, here it is monkok_st.

Hi I hope you are having a good day.

Unfortunately I am not on skype. but your english sounds good to me.


A russian fellow wanting to learn english, there’s something fishy about this ^^.

I just want to continue studying abroad, and maybe live there

Hey welcome here! While this site is not specific to learning English, if you know English [or Dutch], blender learning will be so much easier. Benefits of knowing another language [like English or Dutch] includes an understanding of another culture, so it’s really a great idea! I’m sure if you scan the internet, you can come across sites more specific for English. This is a great stepping stone for your journey into blender and blender related activities. All the best!

PS - You can also learn more English by watching TV programmes [in English] and maybe go across to UK for “English” studies.

Yeah, i know that, but i’m looking here for someone with same interests (blender)

It’s easy finding someone with the same [blender] interests on blenderartists.org…but alas on the streets…she can be hard matey. The closest I got to finding someone was by random Q&A … but this person only used the forums for to find answers and at that used a variety of programs.

This topic seems to be dead

Well, not many people allow randoms to skype them.

Should i post a video interview of myself? XD

I think its really a best decision…you can improve your english only by practice, practice and practice…english grammar books or material can’t give the direct access to improve your communication skill but it can offer some ideas and tips to learn…communication skills can be improved only through vocal practice…you can just try to talking with your friends or sis, brother etc to learn…don’t feel ashamed if you have errors while practicing…failures are the best steps to walk you to success… :slight_smile:

Hi there. I’m happy to help you with your English now and then. I’m Kollin, I work at EssayJedii.com. I’m a native speaker, so you can ask me anything.

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Read more english articles and composition. Read it loudly in front of a mirror. That is how I learned to speak French ( a little).

My friend from Spain liked to watch his favorite sitcoms in English (fortunately only in US you can find a great choice of them). There are many interesting phases and dialogs in them, it really improved his English and when he moved for college in CA, he didn’t have many problems with his pronunciation and vocabulary.

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hello friend. Your english sounds good. Read newspapers loudly. Speak in english with your friends and relatives it will make you bold and you will have a confidence to speak in crowd. I think nowadays there are many online services to help the students. English speaking beginners who need help to understand the basics of speaking English can go for research paper writing service