A friking funny problem

Well, my problem is the next:

All normal, but, when i move some bone:

X( i’d like to move it without problems!!! it looks like a creepy ditto (A pokemon)

it looks like the weights of your character are not correct, you probably just have to do some repainting of the bone groups and it will work fine

i didnt understand that

Basically what gexwing is saying, when you parented the bones to the mesh it created weighted vertex groups for each bone, and he’s saying you should go into weight paint mode and apply some of your own weights to sort it out.

But I have to say, it looks like you’re using the rigify armature? In which case you’ve missed out the rather important step of generating the actual armature. Basically under the bone settings you hit the Generate button and then parent the mesh to THOSE newly generated bones(but you need the bones on a certain layer). I’ve got a video showing how to set it all up if you think it’ll help. And hopefully with the correct armature it’ll work better.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: